Being pregnant signifies that a new beginning, exciting changes, challenges, love and happiness are here.

While there is a small percentage of pregnant women that is required to avoid strenuous activities and are prescribed total bed rest, most women are required to continue or start a regular exercise routine, that is after talking to their doctor about the exercise program they’re about to begin.

Want to know the benefits of exercising particularly for you the pregnant mum?

Exercise helps to prevent excess weight gain, improve sleep, and reduce pregnancy-related problems like back pain, swelling, and so on. It also helps to increase energy, prepare for labour, and of course improve your self-image.

Below are the 5 top exercise gadgets that expectant moms can use:

1. Bellabeat.


Fashion is an important aspect of a woman’s life. Imagine if you could have a fitness tracker that actually passes for jewelry?
I am pretty sure you would want such gadget as your own- a tracker disguised as jewellery. Heavens! Who wouldn’t want that?

This gadget was designed as something you could wear as necklace or bracelet or simply pin to your clothes. It tracks your daily activity, mindfulness and sleep.

It monitors total calories burned, rest, active time, distance moved and how far you are from your fitness goals. It also tracks your movement during the night, the quality and duration of your sleep.

This smart jewellery is a device that every expectant mom should possess as it is fashionable, activity and sleep tracker all in one.

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2. Bio Bands

Bio BandsFeeling light-headed and nausea are the common difficulties most pregnant women face and bio bands are gadgets that can actually get you some relief.

The Bio Band is an adjustable wristband that applies continuous acupressure P-6 points at the wrist to help vomiting and nausea from morning sickness.

It has a bead sewn into the wristband which is positioned at the exact point, and then the band rests comfortably and tightly so that it applies constant pressure to the pressure points on the inner forearm.

Good news is, this gadget can actually be used by pregnant women as it has no side effect.

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3. Treadmill


There used to be misconceptions about pregnant women exercising, such as ‘exercise is unsafe for the mother and it can harm the baby’.

Thank heavens that entire muddle has been cleared up as the benefits of exercising while pregnant cannot be over-emphasized.

The treadmill is one safe gadget you can use while pregnant. Walking has been proven to have many health benefits and you can walk continuously on the treadmill to achieve this fitness and healthy life.

Before getting on the treadmill, it’s a good idea to do some basic stretches for a warm-up.

Start with relatively slow speed especially if you’re new to using the treadmill, take note of where the red emergency button is to shut off the unit quickly if you start feeling faint or have trouble catching your breath, and do not forget to add some tunes as music can be relaxing while working out on the treadmill.

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4. Stationary Bike.

stationary bike

A stationary bike is another great choice for pregnant women who want to get or stay fit.

Comfort should be king when you are exercising, thus you should use stationary bikes that have back supports and adjustable handlebars. This model feels more like you are sitting in a chair and you can decide whether you want to grasp the handles or not.

You can simply set the timer on the bike so that you make sure you are pedaling for a certain amount of time, which should actually be between 30 minutes to one hour per day in about 2 or 3 sessions per week, so that you don’t go struggling for your breaths each time you come down from the bike.

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5. Elliptical Trainer.


The elliptical trainer is considered safe to use during pregnancy. It provides a good cardiovascular workout without putting a lot of stress on the joints in the lower body.

You can adjust the resistance on the machine to make the workout a bit more comfortable for you when your legs start getting tired.

It can take a bit of practice to get the right rhythm going when you’re just starting out at this type of machine but once you get used to it, you can decide how easy or how hard you want to make the routine.

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It is important to mention that once you start to feel uncomfortable, slow down or simply stop the workout.

Knowing the right practices and exercises to engage in while pregnant can get your thoughts all muddled up, especially when you consider using exercise gadgets. The above-listed exercise gadgets will not only help you exercise but also do it in a gorgeous way.

Remember to contact your doctor before you continue or start any exercise routine and do well to stick to whatever he approves or disapproves for you.

Work your way out, not only to a fit and healthy life but also to a safer and happier pregnancy.