7 lifestyle upgrades for pregnant women

Being pregnant could actually subscribe to being one of the greatest feelings on earth. To think that you are carrying another human inside of you is sure a great feeling!

However, carrying a baby inside of you means that you have to upgrade to healthy lifestyles and with loads of information on the internet, that greatest feeling of joy could turn to that anxiety, fear or worry, following the many dos and donts you see online.

In order to save you the ordeal of roaming for the right information online, below are the seven healthy lifestyle upgrades you need to make now that you’re pregnant:


Exercising during pregnancy is extremely beneficial as it helps prevent excess weight gain, reduce pregnancy-related problems like back pain, swelling and constipation.

It also helps to improve sleep, increase energy, prepare for labour and of course improve your self-image.

Are you still waiting to hear it in plain words? Well, here it is, you need to make exercising a lifestyle now that you are pregnant.
Remember to contact your doctor before you start or continue any exercise routine.


Healthy eating is important and even more so when you are pregnant. Pregnancy period may not be the time to cut calories or go on a diet, as it is actually the time you will need some extra calories.

However, you need to watch your weight as becoming overweight leaves you at a greater risk for pregnancy complications.

You will have to indulge in a well-balanced diet containing lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, low-fat dairy product, so as to get the nutrients you need (e.g. essential nutrients like calcium, iron and folic acid).


Keeping yourself hydrated is important and especially when you are pregnant.

You need to drink plenty of water so as to support your increased blood volume which is as a result of your blood supplying oxygen and essential nutrients to your baby through the placenta and carrying waste and carbon dioxide away.

Drinking enough water can also help prevent constipation, fatigue, headaches and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.


Remember we said that one of the benefits of exercising is improved sleep.
Don’t you think that having all the exercise in the world and depriving yourself of enough sleep isn’t just fair at all?

Yes, you guessed right. It isn’t just fair.
We know you might need to earn extra money to support the coming of the new baby, yes, but you need to take it easy on yourself and cut down on some activities that stop you from getting enough sleep.

Your health and your baby’s health is worth it.


Looking good and all fashionable is an important aspect of a woman’s life.

Pregnancy time may not really be the time to be fashion-crazy, as you will need comfortable clothes to accommodate the rapid changes some parts of your body (e.g. breast, bumps, and stomach) are experiencing.

Does this stop you from looking beautiful? Absolutely not! You can be comfortable in your clothes and still look extremely gorgeous.

The in thing is that comfort should be king when you are shopping for your maternity clothes.


Find and connect with other pregnant women, whether it is through a gym session, childbirth class or online parenting forum.

The support, resources and fun you get from meeting these women are there to help you get through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Besides, the friendship that sparks off from such meetings may stand the test of time and be the kind of true relationship that a woman might have been waiting for.


Maybe before you got pregnant, you were used to popping aspirin or paracetamol into your mouth when you feel a headache coming. Well, you’re pregnant now, and self-medication is a lifestyle you will need to quit, as certain prescription medication may cause harm to the developing foetus.

Even over-the-counter drugs and herbal remedies remain off-limits to you and subject to only the approval of your doctor.

Alcohol and Nicotine consumption are highly discouraged during pregnancy. No one has determined what’s the ‘safe amount’ of alcohol to consume during pregnancy and am pretty sure you don’t want you and your baby to be the lab rats that will be used to check out what amount is safe or unsafe.

A smoking mother passes nicotine and carbon monoxide to her growing baby and the risks of smoking include miscarriage, stillbirth, asthma etc. So, nicotine is also a big ‘No!’ when you are pregnant and even after pregnancy.

You might also want to reduce your caffeine consumption as high caffeine consumption has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage.

Lifestyle changes are effective tools in creating a conducive environment for your forthcoming baby even while you’re still pregnant and these 7 lifestyle upgrades listed above is the blueprint you need.

Upgrade your lifestyle, live, carry, deliver and nurture your baby into that dream child you’ve always had in my mind.